» i want to start an all-positive conspiracy theory movement. chemtrails promote healthy bones. the moon landing was faked to give people something to believe in. the reptilians only wear skin suits to avoid startling people.


a softer new world order

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Red wolves (canis rufus)


Everything about this is glorious.

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Kaneoya Sachiko

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via travelling-under-r

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Someone probably took a bite out a bar of soap for this aesthetic so let’s take a moment to thank

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Sakamichi Onoda-big glasses protagonist gay for anime and also racing    
Shunsuke Imaizumi- intense experienced biker Really Bad at people, extremely gay for Onoda
Shoukichi Naruko- gay for bikes, flashy things, the color red, Onoda
Shingo Kinjou- SUNGLASSES    
Yuusuke Makishima- beautiful water spider princess
Jin Tadokoro- The Bara
Terufumi Sugimoto- I’m An Experienced Rider, AKA holy shit, dude, shut up,
Miki Kanzaki- nice girl, gay for bikes and also Aya
Touji Kanzaki- nice girl’s brother
Aya Tachibana- nice girl’s mean (/awesome) girlfriend

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watching yowapedal

so far every character is a gay bike princess gay for bikes

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bad dog

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Please help spread the word about the Spoonies community! We want as many young people with disabilities and chronic illnesses to be able to enjoy our space!

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this is a test

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