fashion tip: dress like you’re attending both a wedding and a funeral but you’re too cool for either

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i got tagged by kokosnsse soooo here are 6 of my favorite selfies since the new year. am i even real

HMMMM I DONT REMEMBER WHOS DONE THIS ALREADY THOUGH so i just tag anyone reading this who hasnt done it yet. show me your face

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GO! (feat Karen O)
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People want my power

And they want my station

Stormed my winter palace

But they couldn’t take it
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currently running on 0% sleep, 70% queer friendship, 30% vanity

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someting about bambi came up on my dash referring to bambi with “he/his” and i. STILL had to take a second. it’s been years and years since i found out bambi does have a commonly accepted gender and i. ???? as a kid i pretty much always thought of bambi as. well. a deer. i remember thinking like, is bambi a boy or a girl? eh, bambi is a deer.

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they wait

what are they waiting for??

they wait

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